Telling Your DE&I Story: The Secret Ingredient for Success

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Erin Hlavacek

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Presented by: Neil Griffiths, Global Head of Diversity, Equality & Inclusion, Environmental Resources Management

There is no doubt that diversity, equ(al)ity and inclusion has been a huge part of the discourse in organizations around the world like never before. Most were caught unawares by the events of 2020 and had to race to keep up with the pace of change. There is now enough water under the bridge to know what works and what is less effective. In this session, we will explore the key principles of great DE&I communication, drawing on the lessons of the past year and the organizations who got it right (and those who did not). Expectations on organizations have never been higher, so crafting the right DE&I story is essential. It's about time we focus on what makes authentic, compelling and strategic communication on diversity, equ(al)ity and inclusion.


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Telling your DE&I story: the secret ingredient for success
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Added 6 days ago, by Anonymous
Added 24 days ago, by Anonymous
Very enlightening. I enjoyed the discussion on communicating when not everything is ready. It's true, we're too focused on making the products polished.
Added about 1 month ago, by Charlene
great information - as a post-webinar the mentimeter info was interesting and I'm sure the data would be different today in 2024.
Added about 1 month ago, by Kayla
Added 2 months ago, by Tracy
Added 2 months ago, by Darine
Added 4 months ago, by Stacey-Robin
Excellent perspective and examples.
Added 7 months ago, by Rebecca
Added 8 months ago, by Katrina
Added 9 months ago, by Jeff

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