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In the communication profession, creative and analytical strategies must work together for cohesive, effective and engaging campaigns. Fuel both sides of your brain with this recording bundle! Included in this bundle: Data-Driven Decision Making Master Class recording ($525 value) The Creative Ideas Master Class recording ($525 value) Article: Pocket Trend: Rising to the Challenge of Science Communication in a Digital Age by Joe Bobbey Article: Sustainable Content: Mitigating the Carbon Emissions of Digital Communications by Alisa Bonsignore Article: Pocket Trend: Say Hello to the Content Creator Generation by Katie Mackaulay Read more

In the communication profession today, few topics are more critical than Crisis Communications and AI. Enjoy our two most popular Master Classes of 2023 on demand to increase your understanding of these salient topics. This powerhouse of a recordings bundle gives you take-home strategies to keep you an efficient, agile communication professional. Included in this bundle: Crisis Communications Master Class recording ($390 value) AI for Communication Professionals Master Class recording ($525 value) How to Write Better with AI webinar recording Embracing Tech of the Future, Using a Timeless Tool of the Past webinar recording Article: Communicating With Compassion in Time of Crisis by Katharine Manning Article: 7 Ways To Unlock the Power of ChatGPT by Matt Russell Article: Disinformation and Deepfakes Fuel Growing Mistrust by Joanne Henry, SCM Read more

Are you looking for opportunities to better use your data to stay strategic and become more effective with technology? Consider taking advantage of this highly practical bundle that includes step-by-step approaches to transforming your organization and communication practices. Included in this bundle: Data-Driven Decision Making Master Class recording ($525 value) AI for Communication Professionals Master Class recording ($525 value) Article: 4 AI Trends Transforming Communities by Martin Waxman, MCM, APR PodCatalyst Episode: Alex Sevigny on Why Communicators Should Be at the Forefront of the AI Revolution PodCatalyst Episode: Jared Curtis on the Power of Human-AI Collaboration in Content Generation Read more

Included in this bundle... Creating Powerful Audience Experiences in Presentations Speaker: Brenden Kumarasamy, MasterTalk on YouTube Overnight, the world has turned completely virtual moving from in-person workshops to Zoom calls and presentations. How can we thrive in this new presentation setting? Brenden, founder of YouTube channel MasterTalk, will be leading a workshop to help attendees navigate the online world through his expertise in online communication. Harness Your YOU-Ness: Elevate Your Communication Style and Executive Presence Speaker: Mindy Kantor It’s about time to Harness Your YOU-Ness to elevate your communication style and executive presence. This webinar shares techniques and methods to positively impact how you show up, engage, communicate and lead, whether in-person or virtually. Tips and tools center on ways to: Raise your energy level and shift your mindset in less than five minutes. Let go of negative patterns holding you back to get your message across more clearly. Gain clarity and prioritize your to-do list to align with business goals.   Create a change plan that centers on being present and engaging others virtually. Mind-Blowing PowerPoint. No, Really! Speaker: Richard Goring, BrightCarbon PowerPoint is such an essential tool for all types of communication, but it’s badly used. Revolutionize your content with amazing visuals, engage your audience with compelling animations, and impress them with beautiful, professional design. All using only PowerPoint. You’ll see a host of visual storytelling techniques, all demonstrated live, that you can use immediately to create amazing presentations or interactive content. You’ll see how to apply these to marketing content, sales conversations, and pitch meetings, plus get free sources for graphics and productivity boosting tools. Speaking Virtually? Remember the Triangle! Speaker: Anand Tamboli, Principal, Anand Tamboli & Co For any professional relying on communication getting the message across is the key. Yet, most people make a mistake by assuming that content is the king. Zoom fatigue is not a real thing; it's a symptom. It happens when we forget three key ingredients of any effective communication. It's about time we started paying attention to all three. The first ingredient is, of course, content. The other two? Come and join Anand as he unravels the other two. While uttering circa 3000 words during the session, he will deliver a message worth 6000 words in a virtual session. Once you get the message, you will always remember the triangle while speaking, virtually or otherwise. And it is not a hard thing to do. We have to be considerate about this important trio and then act on it.  Wondering how? See it to believe it! Create Compelling Presentations for Virtual Meetings Using PowerPoint Speaker: Richard Goring, Director, BrightCarbon Remote meetings are here to stay, as is the Zoom fatigue that many experience. The importance of compelling content is becoming ever more apparent, but trying to do that with the same tools you’ve always had can be hard, right? Wrong. It's about time that people knew how to create presentations that actually work. And, amazingly, PowerPoint can do that. It gives you terrific tools to create the kind of dynamic, visual content that you need to capture your audience’s attention. With functions that allow interactive sequences, navigable content to respond to your audience, and pop quizzes for quick and easy engagement. Come along to this masterclass packed with live demonstration of how to create compelling presentations for successful meeting in a virtual environment, all using standard PowerPoint. No, really. Read more

Included in this bundle... Storytelling Accelerates Your Message! Speaker: Marilyn Barefoot The only thing that really matters when engaging with an audience is making them feel something! Storytelling at its core is how humans communicate. In business, telling a personal story to make a point, is the most compelling way to deliver your message. Messages delivered as stories can be up to 22 times more memorable than just facts. Emotion is truly the fast lane to the brain … particularly in a virtual world!  In this high energy, hands-on workshop, guests will learn and apply storytelling skills that will teach them: How to engage and connect with the audience through well told stories. The fine art and science of story structure. When and how to use stories effectively. How to Tell the ESG Story Speaker: Gihan Hyde, Communique Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is gaining quick traction and capturing investor attention globally. Therefore, communicating the story to engage customers, investors and employees is vital. Storytelling around ESG initiatives will help organizations create clarity and accountability in a way that amplifies its ESG impact while satisfying or even exceeding demands for transparency. Creating Shared Understanding and Alignment Part 2: How to Tell Your Corporate Story Speakers: Zora Artis & Wayne Aspland, The Content Factory Storytelling is one of the hottest communications skills. But there’s a particular type of story that needs far more attention than it currently gets...your corporate story.   Your corporate story conveys the heartbeat or DNA of your organization: in essence who you are, where you’re going, and how you’ll get there. It’s the most important story you can tell because it needs to unite people and anchor everything they say and do.   Your corporate story needs to be incredibly simple because people need to get, buy, share and, ultimately, live it. Unfortunately, it’s also notoriously hard to craft for two reasons: The need to work with Executives, analysts, and strategists, understand their often complex thinking, add to the discussion, and demonstrate your value. The need to balance the sheer number of stakeholders, viewpoints, and vested interests involved. Creating Shared Understanding and Alignment Part 3: How to Sell Your Corporate Story Speakers: Zora Artis & Wayne Aspland So, you created a cracking corporate story and some awesome content to support it. The audience at your CEO town hall gave it a standing ovation and the survey feedback is glowing.   Now’s the time for a reality check. You haven’t achieved anything. The real work is just beginning.   It’s one thing to create an awesome corporate story. Ensuring your senior leaders, people leaders, and, ultimately, employees really buy into it is something else entirely.   That’s why the dreaded ‘cascade’ is so difficult that many have given up on it.   But it's possible to build an organization where everyone understands the big picture and, critically, how their work contributes to it. You just need to realize that you can’t just ‘communicate’, ‘launch’, or ‘release’ this story. You’ve really got to sell it and make it real for people.   Thankfully, the move to virtual ways of working makes this daunting task more achievable. Stories that Sell Speaker: Ravi Rajani, Founder, Ravi Rajani Coaching and Consulting Today, 45% of businesses fail within their first 5 years. Whether you’re trying to win new business, attract high quality partnerships or land investment for your idea, how you present your message matters to the lifeblood of your mission. In order to stand out and rise above the noise, you need to learn how to infuse storytelling into your presentations to make them memorable and impactful for your prospect's who have a million dollar problem they need to solve. By the end of your time with Ravi, you will unlock the 5 influential stories every sales presentation needs to connect and convert. Telling Your DE&I Story: The Secret Ingredient for Success Speaker: Neil Griffiths, Global Head of Diversity, Equality & Inclusion, Environmental Resources Management There is no doubt that diversity, equ(al)ity and inclusion has been a huge part of the discourse in organizations around the world like never before. Most were caught unawares by the events of 2020 and had to race to keep up with the pace of change. There is now enough water under the bridge to know what works and what is less effective. In this session, we will explore the key principles of great DE&I communication, drawing on the lessons of the past year and the organizations who got it right (and those who did not). Expectations on organizations have never been higher, so crafting the right DE&I story is essential. It's about time we focus on what makes authentic, compelling and strategic communication on diversity, equ(al)ity and inclusion. Read more

Included in this bundle... Leading Through Change Communication V2 Speaker: Dr. Julie M. Bjorkman Most internal communications are involved in some form of change. However, as communication professionals we need to do more than create awareness – we need to be a part of the whole process of managing transformation.  From Lip Service to Leadership: Developing Listening as a Key Communication Capability Speakers: Howard Krais, Johnson Matthey; Mike Pounsford, Couravel; Kevin Ruck, PR Academy Listening is more important than ever in the post-COVID-19 world. This webinar provides the lessons and an update on The Good Listening Practice report from the IABC Foundation’s Listening Project team as they prepare to include the IABC membership in its first global listening survey. Build Authentic Leadership Using Live Video Speakers: Jason Singh, North America Marketing Manager, Workplace; Ben Gould, Head of the Connected Executive Program, Workplace; Mark Pollard, Offsite Technical Producer, Facebook; Jesse Evans, Customer Education Manager, Workplace; Paloma Redondo, Internal Communications Lead, Facebook You are responsible for enabling lasting culture, engaging employees and ensuring communications from leadership are effective. Your C-Suite similarly need to drive company value and lead from the front during times that warrant extra care and focus. But people inside and outside the organization now expect to know the person behind the job title, and seek to understand who you are as a human more than just their boss. Creating Shared Understanding and Alignment Part 1: Why We Need Clear Leaders Speakers: Zora Artis & Wayne Aspland, The Content Factory What’s an organization? Look up the dictionary and you’ll find it’s simply an organized group of people working to achieve a common goal or purpose. And, what’s a team? Well, it’s basically the same thing. That’s easy enough. But, here’s the issue. If that’s the definition, then most businesses in the world today don’t come close to being real organizations or teams. From Communications Leader to Business Leader Speaker: Catherine Ducharme, Co-Founder, Fluency Leadership Massive disruption and pervasive uncertainty vaulted the communications role and contribution right on stage, under the brightest of lights, in 2020. Never before have communicators been so valuable to their organizations, earning new equity as connectors, trusted advisors, employee advocates and thoughtful communicators. It has handed us a once-in-a-career opportunity to leap from strategic advisor to influential business advisor. The question now is how do we sustain and maximize this opportunity?  No More Town Hall Meetings and Other Evolutions in Leadership Communications Speakers: Elizabeth Williams, Co-founder, The Academy of Business Communications; Andrew Brown, Co-founder, Academy of Business Communications Let's face it, most employee town hall meetings are pretty terrible. Even before the pandemic forced our leadership teams to find the mute button, filling a room full of people and talking at them for hours on end was really not working in most organizations. It's time we got our leaders off the hamster wheel of roadshows and all-hands meetings and started helping them build trust, engagement and purpose that sticks. Leading with Our Values AI and Internet of Behavior Speakers: Joanne B. Henry, President, PR for Good; Donna Itzoe, Senior Vice President of Communications and Marketing, Global The Internet of Behaviors (IoB) is the holy grail for communicators like us – those who care about what our audience does, not what they say they are going to do. Suddenly, all the tools to track behavior from REM sleep to eating habits, eco-buying , employee health habits and supplier relationships are in the palm of our hands. How could we NOT use this wealth of information to recruit and retain employees and to create AI driven products and services that improve our bottom line – if not the world!? The Communicator's Playbook to Support Non-Traditional Leadership Speaker: Laurence Simard, Communication advisor, PCN Physio Are you hoping your organization was a little less hierarchical? Is your organization in the process of flattening its structure? Have you joined a self organized team? If so, you may be wondering how to maximize your impact as a communication leader in this less traditional business model.  Get inspired to reinvent your role as leadership structures shift in your organization. Coaching to Develop a Leadership Mindset V2 Speaker: Mary-Ellen Hynd, MBA, CPCC Leaders with emotional intelligence and training are needed at every level of an organization. During this workshop series, you will find clarity in your personal values as well as a deepened understanding of creative competencies versus reactive tendencies.  Developing and Managing Highly Effective Teams V2 Speaker: Eileen Chadnick, ABC, PCC Developing and Managing Highly Effective Teams introduces emerging leaders to some crucial must-knows and must do’s as a new leader. It's About Time For...A Leader Like Me Speaker: Priya Bates, Co-founder, A Leader Like Me; Advita Patel, Director, CommsRebel 2020 highlighted both challenges and opportunities for diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. Starting with protests and performative gestures, individuals and organizations started asking for performance and proof of true change personally and professionally.  A Leader Like Me, with its roots in a connection that started at the 2019 IABC World Conference in Vancouver has evolved into a business launched during pandemic supporting women of colour and amplifying diverse voices around the globe. Virtual Debate: Should CEOs Speak Out on Social Issues? According to the 2022 Edelman Trust Barometer, when considering a job, 60% of employees want their CEO to speak out on controversial issues they care about. Should CEOs use their business leadership position to take a stand by speaking out on important social issues? Read more

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