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The Communicator's Role in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Speakers: Tasneem Chopra, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Consultant; Neil Griffiths, ERM

As individuals and organizations grapple with how to lead on diversity, equity and inclusion (DE​&​I), communication professionals are looking for guidance on their role in this critical issue. Join IABC Fellow Neil Griffiths and Tasneem Chopra, Diversity, Equity ​&​ Inclusion Strategist, for a fireside chat to learn where you fit in.

All > Some: The Importance of Accessible Content in Communications
Speaker: Matisse Hamel-Nelis, Project Manager, Inclusive Workplaces, Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB)

Imagine if your business could reach millions of potential clients your competitors are missing, just by changing your outlook on the world? Fifteen percent of the population lives with some form of disability (sensory, motor, neurological or other). The UN calls them the world’s largest minority.  You’ve no doubt heard of companies being sued for inaccessible websites, but what about social media content? Or annual reports, strategic plans, podcasts and videos?  These are just some of the projects we work on as communicators, but how often do you think about accessibility when you're creating a post, producing a video, or sharing a PDF?  

It's About Time For...A Leader Like Me
Speakers: Priya Bates, Co-founder, A Leader Like Me & Advita Patel, Director, CommsRebel

2020 highlighted both challenges and opportunities for diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. Starting with protests and performative gestures, individuals and organizations started asking for performance and proof of true change personally and professionally.  A Leader Like Me, with its roots in a connection that started at the 2019 IABC World Conference in Vancouver has evolved into a business launched during pandemic supporting women of colour and amplifying diverse voices around the globe.   In this session, we'll discuss: - The impact when employees and customers can't see A Leader Like Me in their organizations - How to manage imposter syndrome and build confidence through community  - How to turn awareness into action when it comes to diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging - The important role of communication professionals and the profession itself in supporting and driving change  Individually and collectively, it's about time we drive needed change.

Telling Your DE&I Story: The Secret Ingredient for Success
Speaker: Neil Griffiths, Global Head of Diversity, Equality & Inclusion, Environmental Resources Management

There is no doubt that diversity, equ(al)ity and inclusion has been a huge part of the discourse in organizations around the world like never before. Most were caught unawares by the events of 2020 and had to race to keep up with the pace of change. There is now enough water under the bridge to know what works and what is less effective. In this session, we will explore the key principles of great DE&I communication, drawing on the lessons of the past year and the organizations who got it right (and those who did not). Expectations on organizations have never been higher, so crafting the right DE&I story is essential. It's about time we focus on what makes authentic, compelling and strategic communication on diversity, equ(al)ity and inclusion.

Inclusive Virtual Experiences in a Post-COVID World
Speaker: Anthony DeVergillo, Internal Digital Communications Associate, Amicus Therapeutics

In 2020 the world was forced to transition from in-person events to fully virtual experiences. This transition started off slow with many unknowns, but over time we adapted and learned what worked best in order for engagement and participation to flourish. In this session you will learn why the virtual side of events should continue even after the pandemic ends, along with virtual best practices and techniques to be as inclusive as possible. You will have the opportunity to hear stories and personal experiences that highlight the importance of inclusive events and be provided with real-life examples of the beneficial impact it has on participants. I guarantee there are people who want to share their unique perspective at your events, but they cannot physically attend due to medical or transportation issues. So isn’t it about time you bring the world to your events AND bring your events to the world?


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